Refund Policy

Our greatest promise is your satisfaction. If you have selected your product in our store and found to be defective in manufacture upon receipt, we guarantee you the right to exchange or return the product under the following terms:

Not satisfied with the product: within 7 (seven) calendar days after receipt.

Product is defective: within 30 (thirty) calendar days of receipt. (For defects such as glass or display damage, obvious scratches, missing parts, etc., customers have the right to contact us within 24 hours after receipt, and contact us within 24 hours after receipt. If contacted within 24 hours after that, we Will be considered a problem caused by personal damage and we will not return it.

Remember, the first step in an exchange or return is to contact our service center. Our team will guide customers on how to return products.

Returns due to dissatisfaction:

The product must not have traces of use. In the case of a watch, the product must not be removed from the strap for adjustment. The product must be sent as is, with the original packaging (post packaging, with a tag).

Once we receive the package, we will analyze it to confirm everything is eligible for return. Once confirmed, our service team will contact you, in which case you can choose:

Replace any other product in our inventory.

Receive a refund for the amount spent on the product.

Shipping costs for returned products are borne by the customer.


All products in the store are guaranteed for 20 days from the date of receipt of the product.

To trigger the warranty, the customer must send us up to 1 minute video showing the problem. The video must also show the packaging of the product received (post packaging, with labels).

The customer can also prove the defect by sending us a photo that clearly shows the defect, and the product packaging must appear in the photo.

For further questions, please contact our team and we will provide you with all the support you need.


Our warranty does not cover aesthetic damage that occurs after purchasing the device, such as cracked or cracked screens and other similar issues.

The warranty does not cover: Damage caused by fluids, such as the product being dropped or submerged in water; while some products are waterproof, there are some limitations that need to be followed, and each product is different. We also do not cover damage caused by attempts by you or a third party to repair or modify the equipment.

The goods in this store support return and exchange, but the freight for return and exchange shall be borne by the consumer, and the right of interpretation belongs to koodijia